Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vic Toews Family Photos

Looking for family portraits, I idly poked around and deconstructed the web site. Thought there might be a few images of his supportive brood gazing with adoration as he reads a speech on the sanctity of marriage. (Or better yet, one showing their faces as they read today's paean to his "young son and my spouse").
Instead, with the assistance of and, I found the usual website drivel.
The domain name is registered appropriately enough at GoDaddy. (At one time dot com names were reserved for commercial businesses but that is an old-fashioned convention now frequently broken). The domain name registration expires in July of this year. The site is hosted, and likely designed, by The contacts page points to Vic Toews MP, but much of the site is written in the third-person and there no explicit claim of authorship, ownership or copyright.
The About Vic website page starts the first paragraph with important information that he was born in Paraguay. (I wondered if he is a dual citizen?) The page concludes with "Vic enjoys roller blading and jogging". There is no mention of his spouse and young son. (In versions archived before the summer of 2007, the page did concludes with a brief mention of his wife and the college graduation of his children. Their mention disappeared after that. What happened in 2007?)
Still searching for family photos I poked around using TinEye.
A photo named family.jpg is stored in his Assets folder and used on his Our Priorities page. The same image is found in other websites. Usually European or French. The original was apparently licensed by a German photo service named The licensing info on their site mentions some association with Getty Images and a per photo web licensing fee of 150.00 € which I expect that Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews paid before use. My favourite version is the one at Doitrand automatic gates.
The photo named family5.jpg in the Lower Taxes section was apparently licensed directly from Getty Images directly.
In the Tackling Crime section we find family6.jpg which depicts a lovely blonde-haired girl picking petals from a daisy. (It reminded me of the infamous American daisy-picking commercial). Tin Eye also refers us to licensing at and its commercial usage as LiceChild in an anti-Head Lice advert.
Finally on his Contact Us page, one finds the image licensed from Getty Images of a Couple and their daughter.
 A prominent link on each page of the website is for Canada's Universal Childcare Plan at That domain name -- which is owned by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada -- has been parked at least six months and expires next month.
I wrote this blog posting by myself using public information. I did not use a search warrant. I expect a trained journalist or police investigator could discover much more.
So I never found photos of Vic Toews and his loving family (or families). The family portraits on his web site are all licensed from Getty Images. (I am sure of the licensing since as Minister of Public Safety he is undoubtedly committed to stopping any form of online piracy, plagiarism or fraud).
My favourite photos are the ones where our Vic reads a book about pet goats to a group of elementary school children. I also enjoyed the contrast between the recent campaign parade photo and the archived version where his driver contemplates escape.

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