Wednesday, October 29, 2008

West Virginia Vote Flipping Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

Speaking as a software developer who has personally counted paper ballots in a country where they still do things the old-fashioned way:

Why don't Americans put the waitresses in charge of the election with some help from SQUIRREL? Waitresses know all about counting cash and making things balance at the end of their shift, they know about keeping records for any tax audits, they know that their credit card receipts have to balance with the total in the cash register and -- from their first day on the job -- they know the chaos that results when they accidentally ask for a well-done Obama burger when they really meant the refried McCain special.

I am sure that the average waitress -- and perhaps even the average waiter -- knows more about technology and the need to track orders and money straight far more than the elderly semi-retired people that American counties hire at minimum wage to run their elections.

I also expect that the average point-of-sale machine manufacturer knows far more about keeping data accurate, keeping machinery working in difficult conditions and making things easy to use with minimal training than Diebold does.
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Friday, October 24, 2008

Dropping 2 Blogs (ActiveAlertWorld and ActiveAlertData)

When I started this blogging thing I thought that I would keep the different sizes of my personality in different blogs. (Just like I once had several web sites for different purposes). Instead I am reverting to just two blogs.
If you want to keep track of me in the future then please here and my travel blog:

The blogs that I am dropping should remain online with the old blogs. For the curious the old efforts can be found at