Thursday, July 24, 2008

Macklin Bolerama / Egg Gathering 2008

I recently purchased a 15 foot-long Trillium camping trailer. So naturally enough I headed off last weekend to the annual Prairie Bolerama / Egg Gathering at Macklin, Saskatchewan. (You can find links to a description and photos at For me it was a good dry-run for my big cross-Canada trip next month.

That is a gathering of like-minded people who admire the logic of pulling small fibreglass trailers instead of giant metallic behemoths. More than 70 trailers attended this year. About 2/3 were the cute rounded Boler models. Most of the rest were Trilliums. My 1979 Trillium Jubilee turned out to be a quite rare model. Most of the Bolers looked well-used and well-lived in.

The owners naturally tended to be small families with small pets. This dog and owner is an untypical example. This dog is named Gizmo, like mine is, but certainly has a different personality and look.

A few trailers were tricked out, remodelled, painted and customized with matching vehicles.

Whyte Avenue Art Walk

I had a nice stroll along Edmonton's Whyte Avenue back on July 13th. The occasion was the Art Walk where local artists display their offerings along the sidewalk and hope for attention and a few sales. There was a few young artists who's work attracted my attention.

Krystin Clarke ( is a dancer, dance instructor and a quite colorful artist. I was particularly struck with the fact that she was posing in front of a store the name of which is Color Blind!

I also noticed the various hi-tech jewelry, gadgets and other items made from recycled computers that were being displayed by

There was the usual mass-produced computer-printed giclée crap that one sees at all such shows. Exclusive "one of kind" prints from a run of 250.

A talented local artist actually doing something original is Jolea McMillian ( Her paintings were slightly less brightly colorful than those of Ms. Clarke but her pick of colors might be more emotional and expressive. Her interests of architecture and mathematics show up in the subjects. (She also did some dramatic and gutsy nudes). I myself ended up buying the teacup painting. (Her prices were too low for the quality that she is producing. I expect that she will be raising them soon).