Saturday, April 12, 2008

Montana Meth Project and the Doors of Perception

I came across the Montana Meth Project this morning. Have you seen their powerful adverts?

It is quite amazing that these commercials were created and broadcast in Montana. Once the evils of addiction was something seen as we drove past backstreet alleyways or something seen in front of skid-road bars at closing time. Now -- after forty years of the War against Drugs and Nancy Reagan's Just Say No we have have a situation where Meth and Crack additions are common in the suburban backyards of not only NJ and NY but also MT, AB and BC.

Of course the Summer of Love (1967) was never perfect and it was a very short journey to 1969's Altamont Festival and the untimely deaths of Janis and Jimi in 1970.
Writing this lead me to some online reading about the life and death of Neal Cassiday in 1968. (He was the inspiration of both On the Road and Electric Cool-Aid Acid Test). It has long interested me in how our lives are perceived and recorded by others. Even when someone makes a so-called documentary or serious biography there is so much room for differing perceptions of reality.

Sometimes, just when I think that I have not made a big impact on the lives people I find that I am held as some kind of perceptive guru. Oh to see ourselves as others see us...